Thomas Speaks: “Uri-Album #3 is coming; will make you waffles”

Hello Uri-Friends, Thomas here.

Since we’re (mostly) hibernating for the winter working on the next full-length URIZEN album, I figured I’d pop in and give you a little slap ‘n’ tickle…. you know? A bit of the other? The ole’ how’s-your-father?

Afterwards we can cuddle for a little bit (I am a gentleman after all) and I could give you a little update-a-rooni about the aforementioned album… what do you think?

You don’t see me like that?

More like a brother?


Well, I’m gonna tell you about the album anyway… and we can cuddle if you want… you know, just see what happens?

URIZEN’s newest magnum opus has been in the works for quite some time now. The overall concept, along with most of the initial writing foundation, was written a little over a year ago, but an overly active 2012 has sidetracked progress here and there ever since that initial inspiration nugget forced it’s way on to the Earth. (But what a year it’s been! Shows galore! New basser Rustin! Good fun! Great eats! New friends! Exclamation points! ) Luckily, the last two months have heralded a new age of progress and prosperity for good ole’ Uri-Album #3… and that’s good. (See what I did there?)

If all of the current songs make the cut, you can expect a whopping 15 tracks of Uri-goodness in 2013! Regardless of the track number, this album will be the longest URIZEN album to date! As of this moment, 11 tracks are fully formed pieces of neato, with the final four (like in basketball!) rapidly nearing completion. From there we’ll take off our writing hats (top hats and a bowler for Julio), put on our recording hats (basically just felt wizard hats), and hit the studio (aka my bedroom) until we all hate everything we’ve ever written, ourselves, and of course, each other. And then we’ll pass the savings on to you!

As far as the tone of the album, it is definitely our most eclectic and emotionally diverse effort to date. It’s a magical place where the highs are high, the lows are low, and if an orchestra comes along to bum you out, a video-game melody will pop-in to comfort you and make you waffles. The flow of the album is very deliberate and should be experienced uninterrupted for maximum ear-pleasures. Once you’ve got your favorite tunes picked out, feel free to throw them on the ole’ iPod, shuffle that shit around, and see how URIZEN plays with all your other musical friends! (We’re a friendly lot… well… except for Daniel… he’s kinda a bully.)

We really god damn hope you like it!

And as for the album title… lets play a game:

“The Box _ _ _ _ _ _ _”

Those 7 little spaces (for those of you that have never played Hangman) represent letters… letters that could represent one word… two words… a million words* even! The first person to figure out the rest of the album title will win a random NES game from my collection signed by us. We will then take pictures of us doing fun things with the signed NES cartridge, print out those pictures, and sign them too! We might even take pictures of us having fun with the pictures we took of us having fun with the NES game, too. Those won’t be signed though… or maybe they will… who knows?! Then after we’ve had enough shenanigans, we’ll send it to you… probably with some other random junk.

Post your guesses in the comments below or on the Facebook… or write them in chalk on the sidewalk and then send us pictures. Do whatever you want, it’s your life… I’m not your dad.

(If you are part of the select few that already know the title… please don’t answer. That’s cheating, and cheaters never win signed NES cartridges and pictures and junk. That means you, Rustin.)




*please tell me you don’t need me to explain what this asterisk is for


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